Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The diaries are sold!

Ardent fans will have noticed that things have been quiet here recently. We can put all minds at rest, the office did not sink under the cape winter storm surge. We do sometimes run a mobile office, so yes it can be located upstairs at the Bell, or downstairs at Polana (more on that later).

Anyways, we have been in Switzerland doing some press doomsday avoiudance work for Fritz Sonnentsberg, head of CERN. As you might be aware, they are finally pushing the big green button on the LHC. Someone needs to control the hippies and bible bashers.

The big news out of the trip is that we had a meeting with Sheik Al Bhandi, owner of ZAIN telecoms. The Deep South Diaries have been sold to his company as they prepare to roll out their attack on MTN. The figure can not be confirmed as its still being rubber stamped in sand land, but I can vouch that its more than Kirsty Coventry gets from Bob.

They have big plans for the site, and hope to use it as a vehicle for their False Bay camel racing series. Sounds like a blast. Unfortunately due to restraint of trade we can only report on rock music, hippies and parties. Never fear, keep an eye out here and you'll see what's coming next from the team.
ps. thirsty capetonians are in for some confusing drinking down south this summer. is it the polana in kalk bay, or the paulaner in kalk bay?phonetically iDENTical, but world's apart. the new Brauhaus is due a visit soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

world's greatest bike thief...caught!

dunno how no-one noticed

Canadian police have caught the man believed to be the world's most prolific bike thief, after they recovered 2,865 stolen bicycles from the owner of a Toronto bike shop.

Ever since Igor Kenk was arrested last month, some 15,000 Torontonians have visited the police station garage where his swag was taken, hoping to pick out their own bikes among the vast collection. A surprisingly large number of them have been lucky: Toronto police told the Guardian yesterday that so far about 500 people had been reunited with their bicycles.

Kenk, 49, who owned a crammed shop called the Bicycle Clinic, is currently out on CAN$275,000 bail (£142,000), awaiting trial in September on 58 charges of theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen goods and possession of burglary tools.

Kenk was arrested on July 18, when Toronto police, noticing that bike theft had spiked sharply in June, planted bicycles on the streets and watched to see who stole them. As plain clothes officers hid in wait, Kenk and another man walked past. Kenk seemed to tell his companion to cut the locks on two bikes, which he did, before the pair attempted to pedal away.

When police raided the Bicycle Clinic, the shop was so jam-packed that the fire service had to remove the upper-floor windows and lower the bikes out by rope. Later, 200 more bikes were seized in Kenk's home, along with large quantities of drugs, in a smart neighbourhood in Toronto. Ten landlords around the city also reported that they had rented garages to Kenk, which were chock-full of bikes.

Though Kenk's motive is currently unclear, the New York Times reported that police believe he may have been playing the commodities markets, waiting for another spike in metal prices before melting down the bicycles.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


we had a hacker of sorts. some security measures went on the blink.

but lots of odd things happened, even Dave's 'THE SYSTEM' went on the blink at Grandwest. Maybe it only works up the west coast?

meanwhile things are happening on the water with the annual tea baron streetfight:
lipton cup

official spoof site

Thursday, August 21, 2008

phelps vs cavic - update

so it turns out Cavic never protested, it was his swimming union. and like a bunch of fools they only showed half the evidence. from the rest it appears that phelps just got there amazingly!

of course there are like a 100 videos of it already, this one is actually more like a powerpoint so shouldn't get pulled:

this one should stay, it's already been rickrolled

go look google rickrolling if you don't know about it!

and in the greatest olympic moment, i bring you eric the eel

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silver and Gold

good people around the world would know that as Track 8 on U2's 1988 album, Rattle and Hum. it was an anti apartheid song,but for two weeks in august every four years it means something else.

So the phelpster won 8 golds. he got frikken lucky with #2, where Jason Lezak overhauled a massive deficit on a top 100m swimmer, alain bernard on the final lap.

then the seventh one, phelpster pulled back another lead to win the 100m butterfly by 1 hundredth of a second.

or did he?
pictures tell a thousand words.

so is this another did they really land on the moon conspiracy?fishy thing is Phelps is sponsored by the official timkeepers Omega

more here www.001ofasecond.com
and from Cavic himself

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my blood are green

you might not have noticed it, but we lost the trinations last week-end. Yes we were playing 'los pumas' who aren't in the competition, yet.

The problem is this - schedule of three consecutive matches:
NZ 0
Aus 1
Sa 2

then our greedy bonehead administrators go and throw in another match so we now play 4 in a row. fools, we're world champs despite them.

Anyway, the big crunch game is really this week-end, we normally have the hold on oz over here. If you haven't got your tickets, good luck. My bet would be to go here:

of course that's an artists impression, as its a construction site right now.